Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture
Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture
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  • 208 Pages
  • Publisher : Crossway/Good News Publishers
  • Publication Date : 03/17

Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture

Murray, David

Renew your body and soul while learning how to live and serve in a sustainable and faithful way. Borne out of his own experience of coming to grips with limitations, Murray’s pastoral and grace saturated book offers some hopeful, practical points of application for transforming your life to reflect the commitment and patience we find when resting in Christ.
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"How did I get here?"

These are the words of many Christian men on the brink of burnout or in the midst of breakdown. They are exhausted, depressed, anxious, stressed, and joyless. Their time is spent doing many good things, but their pace is unsustainable—lacking the rest, readjustment, and recalibration everyone needs on a regular basis.

But there is good news: God has graciously provided a way for men to reset their lives at a more sustainable pace. Drawing on his own experiences—and time spent with other men who have also experienced burnout—pastor David Murray offers weary men hope for the future, helping them identify the warning signs of burnout and offering practical strategies for developing patterns that help them live a grace-paced life and reach the finish line with their joy intact.

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