Romans (Lectio Continua)
Romans (Lectio Continua)
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  • 464 Pages
  • Publisher : Reformation Heritage Books
  • Publication Date : July 2018

Romans (Lectio Continua)

Fesko, John V.

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Romans is one of the best-known books in the Bible and likely the most famous letter in history, as it is the apostle Paul's most systematic presentation of the gospel of Christ. In this expository commentary, J. V. Fesko considers this panoramic view of the breadth, height, and depth of divine grace. Fesko helps us understand both the big picture of Paul's letters and also key passages in his writings by paying careful attention to the structure of redemptive history. Be edified as you read this survey of Romans, observing the consistent way the apostle exalted the glory of God as he called for the obedience of faith.