Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored (Second Edition)
Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored (Second Edition)
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  • 172 Pages
  • Publisher : Reformed Fellowship, Inc.
  • Publication Date : December 2017

Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored (Second Edition)

Brown, Michael G.; Keele, Zach

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Product Description:

Sacred Bond is an introduction to covenant theology geared to the lay reader.

“We wrote this book because we have often found ourselves at a loss when asked by congregants for a good introductory resource on covenant theology. Although there are many excellent books on the subject, most, in our opinion, are not designed for the uninitiated layperson. Given the importance of covenant theology for the Christian life, we believe a book that provides a simple and clear explanation of each of the major covenants of Scripture is needed in the church today. This book is intended to be a means to that end, although it is in no way the final word on the vast subject of covenant theology. Rather, it is an introductory volume designed to give readers a basic grasp of this essential subject matter and encourage them to pursue further study.” (From the Introduction)