Taking Note of Music
Taking Note of Music
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  • 146 Pages
  • Publisher : Kirkland Printing
  • Publication Date : 1986

Taking Note of Music

Edgar, William

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For most people music has some place in their lives: as background, as shared entertainment, or as a serious interest or activity. Many would feel deprived without its power, beauty and ability to excite moods and feelings.

As its influence is so pervasive, christians have been concerned to explore the relationship between their faith and their musical culture. William Edgar's book addresses certain question: can Christians engage in music-making in the secular world with a clear conscience? Is rock and roll manipulative? Does music have a message? What can we sing in Church? Is some music to be avoided? The author believes that music is a function of creation and that enjoyment, discrimination and composition are grounded in the will of God and revealed through scripture. He shows how Christians can regain the world in the area of music, since it is a crucial part of life in God's kingdom.