The Person of Christ
The Person of Christ
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The Person of Christ

Berkouwer, G. C.

Who do you say that Christ is? Intelligently devoted to the Christ’s deity and humanity, this is perhaps the most urgent installment in the author’s Studies in Dogmatics series. Engaging with modern perspectives and criticism of the church’s historical confession, this volume presents doctrine of Christ that will rejuvenate your confession of Christ as the son of God.
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In the doctrine of the person of Christ-more than anywhere else, says Professor Berkouwer-do we feel that theology is not practiced in a corner, and Christ can not be made the object of a neutral interest in a scientific analysis. There will always be implicitly audible the pre-commitment of faith or unfaith, even when the theological discussion does not change to preaching.

Disclaiming the thesis of Troeltsch that the old view of Christianity and paganism is no longer valid, Berkouwer declares that what is needed today is conversion, not the simple uplift which is attached to the general promulgation of a culture. For this, the church will have to show something of the necessity which is divinely laid upon it. And for the clarification of this necessity, Berkouwer presents here an exposition of the doctrine of the Person of Christ which succeeds in making the Christian confession today as vital and relevant as it was when the infant church stormed into the world proclaiming, “He that hath not the Son of God hath not life.”