The Word One to One: Pack Three (John 11-17) (Set of 2)
The Word One to One: Pack Three (John 11-17) (Set of 2)
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  • 237 Pages
  • Publisher : 10Publishing
  • Publication Date : 2014

The Word One to One: Pack Three (John 11-17) (Set of 2)

10 Publishing

Think training wheels" for sharing the Gospel: evangelism made doable
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Publisher's Description

This pack contains two copies of the third volume of three books, containing 10 studies – one for you and one for your friend.

The Word One to One presents Jesus to your friends by opening up His Word.Each double page has the Bible text on the left hand side, and on the right hand side questions, comments and answers.Everything you need is included in the pack. This means you do not need to be used to teaching the bible, or leading a study, or have taken a course in John before opening these notes with your friends. All you need to explain the passage is in the notes!

The Word One to One takes you through the entire Gospel of John. This volume includes studies, that take you from John Chapter 11 through to the end of John chapter 17.