Unshakable: Standing Firm in a Shifting Culture
Unshakable: Standing Firm in a Shifting Culture
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  • 160 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : May 2016

Unshakable: Standing Firm in a Shifting Culture

Mays, Rod; Oliphint, K. Scott

How firm is their foundation? In an age when tolerance is king and ancient truths are forced to play the part of court jester, we and our children need books to help us find our bearings. We need books that help us understand the difference between a passing fad and lasting truth: here is a book to teach the next generation things that cannot be shaken.""
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How do we love those who are suffering or speak to the overwhelmed? Do we show tenderness and compassion to others? We have a hope to hold on to and to hold out to others—how do we explain it?

In today's society, many teeter on the shaky ground of relativistic postmodernism. In contrast, Christians stand firmly on objective truth, clinging to a lasting treasure that cannot fade or disappoint. Rod Mays and K. Scott Oliphint delve into John Newton's great hymn "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken"and into the gospel truth of Scripture behind it showing how it brings timeless, biblical answers to issues that daily press us in our Christian walk. Includes discussion questions. Previously published by Crossway as Things That Cannot Be Shaken.