Where Do We Go from Here?
Where Do We Go from Here?
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  • 72 Pages
  • Publisher : Evangelical Press
  • Publication Date : April 2017

Where Do We Go from Here?

Blanchard, John

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Where do we go from here? is the final question all humanity faces, and this booklet tackles it head-on. Exactly what does happen to us when we die? The immediate future of the body is fairly obvious, but what about the spirit or soul? Is it annihilated or reincarnated? Is it conscious or unconscious? Do we face endless pain or endless pleasure? Is there a second chance to put things right? Do we have to wait until after we die to find out? This booklet answers these and other questions biblically, clearly and in a user-friendly way. Here is an ideal resource to share with people who have no grasp of the Christian message.