Why Bother with Church? (Questions Christians Ask)
Why Bother with Church? (Questions Christians Ask)
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  • 96 Pages
  • Publisher : Good Book Company
  • Publication Date : March 2016

Why Bother with Church? (Questions Christians Ask)

Allberry, Sam

What does it matter if you’re in the pew or the supermarket aisle Sunday morning? Short, easy to read and deeply biblical, this is an excellent resource for encouraging the faithful and introducing fresh faces to the unique importance of the church; a reminder that what matters most is what the church is, and who it belongs to.
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The church has an image problem.

It is widely viewed in the world at large as being outdated, boring, irrelevant and filled with backbiting hypocrites.

How different that picture is to how the Bible talks about the new family that Jesus has gathered. It is a precious bride, a sparkling jewel, a lifeboat for forgiven sinners that is precious and holy; nurturing and warm; filled with truth, friendship and all embracing, forgiving love.

Sam Allberry understands the collision between these two views, and how, even as Christian believers, we can lose sight of how truly wonderful church is and should be, and what a privilege it is to be part of, and to serve.

In this brief accessible but thorough guide to church, Sam outlines what church is and why we need it. And how, when we have got it wrong, we can move closer to what a true church should be.