Worship: Reformed According to Scripture
Worship: Reformed According to Scripture
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Worship: Reformed According to Scripture

Old, Hughes Oliphant

We worship God because that is what we were created to do. That is the biblical truth that feeds the roots of reformed worship. This detailed and meticulously researched work shines a broad light on the “treasures in the attic” of reformed teaching on worship, and has been revised and updated with additional material from the middle ages up to the present era.
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Hughes Oliphant Old masterfully summarizes the worship of Israel and the early church and traces the development of worship through the period of the Reformation. He provides a sterling historical study that will be highly useful for pastors and church study groups as well as for scholars and students interested in Reformed worship. Old includes chapters on baptism, the Lord's Day, the ministry of praise, the ministry of the Word, the ministry of prayer, the Lord's Supper, daily prayer, and alms. His concluding chapter on "Tradition and Practice" focuses on how the Reformed tradition of worship should shape our current practice and on what the Reformed liturgical heritage has to offer American Protestants today. An extensive bibliography of resources for the study of Reformed worship adds to the value of this book.