Ministries of Mercy, The Call of the Jericho Road: Third Edition

Keller, Timothy J

Transform lives, broken hearts, neighborhoods and nations as Christians armed with Word and Spirit. Beginning with the story of the Good Samaritan, this vision-shaping book stresses the critical relationship of providing shelter, financial help, medical care and friendship to anyone who is in need, with personal faith and the spreading of Christ’s kingdom.

Product Description

Why would someone risk his safety, upend his schedule, deplete his bank balance, and become dirty and bloody to help a person of another race and social class? And why would Jesus tell us, “Go and do likewise”?

The Good Samaritan didn’t ignore the battered man on the Jericho road. Like him, we’re aware of people in need around us—the widow next door, the family strapped with medical bills, the homeless man outside our church. God calls us to help them, whether they need shelter, assistance, medical care, or just friendship.

Tim Keller shows that caring for these people is the job of every believer, as fundamental to Christian living as evangelism, discipleship, and worship. But he doesn’t stop there. He shows how we can carry out this vital ministry as individuals, families, and churches.

Join Keller as he explores the biblical way to participate in compassion ministries and deals perceptively with thorny issues of balancing the cost of meeting needs with the limits of time and resources; giving material aid vs. teaching responsibility; meeting needs within the church vs. those outside and more.

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