Contours of Christian Theology (8 Book Set)
Contours of Christian Theology (8 Book Set)
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  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press

Contours of Christian Theology (8 Book Set)

Bray, Gerald

Here is clear-eyed and faithful doctrine that is at once engaged and engaging. These volumes reward pastors, teachers and students alike with poignant and reliable explanations of God’s character, revelation, and will for his people. Few contemporary series have supplied readers with as in-depth and accessible summaries of essential biblical doctrine.
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Contours of Christian Theology is a series of concise introductory texts focused on the main themes of Christian theology. The authors introduce perennial questions and time-tested solutions while moving forward to explore contemporary issues and rework evangelical formulations of the faith.

Series editor Gerald Bray is joined by a select group of respected teachers and theologians, each committed to bringing students, pastors and interested readers up to date on the many ongoing discussions in theology.

Titles Included in This Set


by Edmund P. Clowney

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Doctrine of God

by Gerald Bray

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Doctrine of Humanity

by Charles Sherlock

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Holy Spirit

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Person of Christ

by Donald MacLeod

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Providence of God

by Paul Helm

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Revelation of God

by Peter Jensen

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Work of Christ

by Robert Letham

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About the Editor

Gerald L. Bray (Ph.D., La Sorbonne) is a professor at Beeson Divinity School of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and director of research at Latimer Trust. He has written and edited a number of books on different theological subjects. A priest of the Church of England, Bray has also edited the post-Reformation Anglican canons.