Reformation Heroes (2nd Edition)
Reformation Heroes (2nd Edition)
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  • 250 Pages
  • Publisher : Reformation Heritage Books
  • Publication Date : January 2007

Reformation Heroes (2nd Edition)

Beeke, Joel R.; Kleyn, Diana

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The Reformation did not happen instantaneously; it was something God patiently arranged over a number of years. As you read this book, you will learn how the Lord used some people to plant the seeds of church reform long before October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther published his ninety-five theses. Luther's story is well-known; we trust you will find it interesting and instructive to read about him and about forty others (John Knox, Peter Martyr Vermigli, Zacharias Ursinus, Willem Teellinck, etc.) who contributed to the Reformation—some well known and others not so—most of whom are Reformation heroes. To provide a more full picture of the many sided Reformation, chapters are also included on the Anabaptist and Counter Reformation movements. The book concludes with a brief summary of the influence of the Reformation in different areas of life.

Note from WTS Books: Reformation Heroes is not a children's book. It is an attractive, “coffee table” style illustrated guide to the great names of Reformation history. However, many parents will find it a useful tool for bringing the stories of these heroes into the hearts and minds of their own children.

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