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Stain That Stays: The Church's Response to the Sexual Misconduct of Its Leaders

Armstrong, John H.

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What should happen to pastors who fall to sexual misconduct? Should they return, repentant, to their pulpits within weeks or months - or should they return at all? Around the world sexual misconduct is knocking ministers from their ministry. As the numbers grow it is crucial to know what should happen to them - for their good and for the good of the Church.

208 Pages

Author Information: John H. Armstrong, president of Reformation & Revival Ministries since 1991, serves the church in a variety of ways - conferences, pastoral care, teaching resources, books, editing a theological journal and a magazine. John also directs area groups for pastors and preaches widely in the United States and abroad. He was a pastor for twenty-one years, the last sixteen at Trinity Baptist Church, Wheaton. John has been married to his wife, Anita, for nearly thirty years and has two adult children and one grandchild. He lives in Carol Stream, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

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