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Westminster Shorter Catechism (2nd Edition)

Williamson, G. I.

Product Description

Listen to a lecture by G. I. Williamson entitled The Vital Importance of Catechetical Teaching. (Sermon Audio)

Publisher’s Description:

The Westminster Shorter Catechism is unrivaled as a concise and faithful summary of the central teachings of Scriptures. For decades G. I. Williamson’s study manuals on the shorter catechism have served as invaluable tools for instructing young and old in the Reformed system of doctrine.

Now newly typeset in one volume, this illustrated manual offers clear exposition of each of the 107 questions in the Shorter Catechism. Each lesson includes Scripture proofs, as well as questions for review or discussion. A valuable aid for group instruction or private study, this volume has been used successfully by homeschoolers, pastors, Sunday school teachers, and parents.

374 Pages
Published January 2003

About the Author

G. I. Williamson is a semiretired minister in the OPC and editor of Ordained Servant.

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