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Lament for a Father: The Journey to Understanding and Forgiveness

I don't often go for biographies. As I opened Marvin Olasky's
Lament for a Father--the story of a son trying to understand his father who let him, and many others, down--I didn't think I would gain much from reading it. I have a healthy relationship with my own father. And, as a biblical theology nerd, I’m more often drawn to books with didactic summaries of theological truths and biblical connections. Instead, Lament for a Father immediately sucked me in.

I finished Lament for a Father in a matter of hours, and I’ve thought about Eli Olasky often in the weeks since. I’ve found myself considering the ways in which I am called to honor my own father. I’ve found myself examining the kind of father I want to be for my daughter. I’ve found myself mourning the brokenness found in countless families in the church. I’ve found myself giving thanks that we--the adopted sons and daughters of God--have an eternal Father who gives comfort, joy, and peace to His children.

Just as a photograph is developed in stages, slowly revealing the scene that has been captured, I encourage you to let the story of Eli Olasky unfold page by page. By the end, you will see an image of hope piercing through this fallen world, a breathtaking glimpse of the great hope that comes through the work of Jesus Christ.


Andrew Colpitts, Marketing and Operations Manager, Westminster Bookstore


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