Job: The Wisdom of the Cross By Christopher Ash cover image
Job: The Wisdom of the Cross By Christopher Ash cover image
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  • 489 Pages
  • Publisher : Crossway/Good News Publishers
  • Publication Date : May 2014

Job: The Wisdom of the Cross (Preaching the Word)

Ash, Christopher

Can a commentary be a good companion for a hopeless heart? We believe so. This isn’t just an intelligent and intellectually rewarding explication of a difficult text. This is Christ-devoted devotional literature for anyone living in fear of their circumstances, or anyone who feels like they’ve lost too much to care. Immerse yourself in the story of Job and you will find your gaze fixed on Jesus.

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Publisher's Description

Life can be hard, and sometimes it seems like God doesn’t even care. When faced with difficult trials, many people have resonated with the book of Job—the story of a man who lost nearly everything, seemingly abandoned by God.

In this thorough and accessible commentary, Christopher Ash helps us glean encouragement from God’s Word by directing our attention to the final explanation and ultimate resolution of Job’s story: the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Intended to equip pastors to preach Job’s important message, this commentary highlights God’s grace and wisdom in the midst of redemptive suffering.

Taking a staggeringly honest look at our broken world and the trials that we often face, Ash helps us see God’s sovereign purposes for adversity and the wonderful hope that Christians have in Christ.