Fear Not!: Death and the Afterlife from a Christian Perspective
Fear Not!: Death and the Afterlife from a Christian Perspective
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  • 96 Pages
  • Publisher : Christian Focus

Fear Not!: Death and the Afterlife from a Christian Perspective

Duncan, J. Ligon; Reid, J. Nicholas

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'Most people, even Christians, live in a state of semi-denialabout death. We hesitate to say a dearly loved relative or friend "died." We prefer to say she "passed away" or she"went to be with the Lord." Even unbelievers who assume that everyone ends up in Heaven are known to saysomething such as "he's gone to a better place."

'We, however, do not have to live in ignorance about life after death for either believers or unbelievers. God's Word,the Bible, tells us everything we need to know. It doesn't tell us everything we might want to know, but it tells useverything God wants us to know " which means everything we need to know for our instruction and comfort. And then God has provided ministers to mine His Word for its truths and teach them to the rest of us.

'Such a man is J. Ligon Duncan, who is both a scholar and a pastor. With a scholar's mind and a pastor's heart, Dr. Duncan has given to us the excellent book, Fear Not, which covers extensively all aspects of death, including what happens to believers immediately after death, the resurrection, the final judgment and then the eternal state. Along the way, he sheds helpful light on several troublesome passages, especially concerning the final Day of Judgment. This is a book to inform and encourage every Christian. All of us will be edified by its pages. It is my pleasure to commend it to every Christian reader.'

- Jerry Bridges, from the Foreword

96 Pages

About the Author

igon Duncan, PhD, is the General Editor, and is the Senior Minister of the historic First Presbyterian Church (PCA), Jackson, Mississippi. He is now Adjunct Professor of Theology at the Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), where he was formerly the John R. Richardson Professor of Systematic Theology. He is Convener of the Twin Lakes Fellowship, a Council Member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Chairman of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and Secretary of the Board of Belhaven College.